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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Hi Guys

This is my first post and i thought to write something regarding my favorite topic. India and China the 2 fastest developing  countries in the world, the nations with 1/3 of the worlds population, the powers silently fighting for regional supremacy, the worst enemies of the future. We Indians always say Pakistan is the our worst enemy but thats not true. the 3 reasons y i say tat are

1. In no ways Pakistan is superior or even comparable to India (economically, militarily or politically and social stability)

2. We Have proved ourself better throughout the 63 years of independence.

3.  Pakistan doesn’t have the caliber to challenge India any where.

but our neighbour is the east CHINA is a real potential challenge for INDIA. We have been defeated by them in 1962 war, economically, militarily, political and socially they are better than us. they have the potential and hv already challenged openly in many fields.

Indian and Chinese officers at a border meeting

Indian and Chinese officers at a border meeting

The 10 reasons y i think China is ahead of INDIA are

1.India’s per capita earning is US$440 per year against US$990 per year in China

2. China is 3 decades ahead of India in military strength.

3. Communist China has more stable government than democratic India.

4. China infrastructure development and industries attract more FDI.

5. Agricultural production is more and china is mostly self sufficient.

6. Family planning is more strong and effective. India will overtake china in population with in 3 decades from now.

7. China has a more social and communal harmony and terrorism is low.

8. China has a more futuristic planning for development and they  are effectively executed.

9. India is corrupted from root level while Chinese only the top brass has been affected by corruption.

10. In Education, 99.1% of Chinese children attend school for 9 years, this ensures a high level of literacy. In India, literacy is 50 to 60%