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Hi Guys

This is my first post and i thought to write something regarding my favorite topic. India and China the 2 fastest developing  countries in the world, the nations with 1/3 of the worlds population, the powers silently fighting for regional supremacy, the worst enemies of the future. We Indians always say Pakistan is the our worst enemy but thats not true. the 3 reasons y i say tat are

1. In no ways Pakistan is superior or even comparable to India (economically, militarily or politically and social stability)

2. We Have proved ourself better throughout the 63 years of independence.

3.  Pakistan doesn’t have the caliber to challenge India any where.

but our neighbour is the east CHINA is a real potential challenge for INDIA. We have been defeated by them in 1962 war, economically, militarily, political and socially they are better than us. they have the potential and hv already challenged openly in many fields.

Indian and Chinese officers at a border meeting

Indian and Chinese officers at a border meeting

The 10 reasons y i think China is ahead of INDIA are

1.India’s per capita earning is US$440 per year against US$990 per year in China

2. China is 3 decades ahead of India in military strength.

3. Communist China has more stable government than democratic India.

4. China infrastructure development and industries attract more FDI.

5. Agricultural production is more and china is mostly self sufficient.

6. Family planning is more strong and effective. India will overtake china in population with in 3 decades from now.

7. China has a more social and communal harmony and terrorism is low.

8. China has a more futuristic planning for development and they  are effectively executed.

9. India is corrupted from root level while Chinese only the top brass has been affected by corruption.

10. In Education, 99.1% of Chinese children attend school for 9 years, this ensures a high level of literacy. In India, literacy is 50 to 60%



  1. cool post…!! i guess everyone shud be aware of this..

  2. Happy to become the first person to comment on your blog..
    all the best

    I have got some disagreements with you

    1.You are saying pakistan is not at all a threat to us..

    i agree that pakistan is economically,socially,militarily lower than us.but the political instability in pakistan is a threat to india as well as the whole world as they have nuclar missiles.i cant even imagine a situation where there nuclear missiles reaching the hands of taliban

    2. now the case of china..i dont agree with ur points 3 and 7

    the recent outbursts in xingjian and tibet are examples.
    and more over if they are already 3 decades will they consider us as an enemy

  3. @sujith
    communist china government never has the stress different ideology clashing causing instability while india always have that in the coalition government.
    out bursts against Chinese government are always suppressed by force making it insignificant and short living. but J&K, Naxals and north east are not so for india

  4. U said the truth…

  5. hai, krishnaraj

    very nice initiative.

    Go ahead
    Abhishek v nair

    • ๑۩۞۩๑ karthik ๑۩۞۩๑
    • Posted August 31, 2009 at 4:36 pm
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    Super post … 🙂
    gud work KR

  6. Hai bro…its a sensitive topic u have chosen in the current sceenario.I disagree with a couple of ur points.One regarding pakistan.They cant be bluntly written off coz they are a potential threat when it comes to nuclear weapons.Just yesterday we heard about reports of Harpoon missiles being altered for land targets.But i agree economically and socially they are way way behind us.
    Now regarding China,Well ofcourse they are very much ahead of us in almost all fields.An excepion is The humanitarian angle and their “one child policy”.

  7. everything is politricks in india!!!!

  8. u chose a very relevant subject.very thought intensifying topic.wishing u a bright future in blogging

  9. this post is an excellent one…and it made me aware of the real diff btwn India and China..

    Also, i would like to say, if this scenario continues, china can be a big opponent not only for India but also fo the leading economies…
    not only economically…but also scientifically and to a great extent in the areas of sports and games( we saw the domination of chinese in the last olympics)…

    Yeah, we are seeing all these developmets in china, but i have a question, Does these developments and strategies depreciates the chinese ethos?? any answer..

  10. hmmm… thought provoking…

  11. i always thoght of pakistan as a threat … i nver had any clue hw strong china is .. better and keep getting better than us … every Indian should know about this fact … good work KR 🙂

  12. good post da..but now terrorism has got roots in china also..

  13. I agree with point 7. We allow every tom dick and harry to do nonsense just cos his religious belief is like that. We should have implemented that uniform civil code

  14. very relevant topic and quite close to my heart too….but china is china and india is india..both have different systems….wat makes india a united india is our democracy…we have to take constructive decisions with a foresight in terms of policies regarding infrastructure development, defence, social and political..for this its we the people who have to stop supporting politics of religion , hate and pilthy selfish interests collectively..start workin to spread this message and ourselves work towards makin india better than the best..not waitin to put blame on somebody else

  15. When we talk of the topic “Which is a greater threat to India, China or Pakintan”..I totally agree with all the points mentioned in this said article and also think that China is greater of the two Devils.
    I may be going out of the discussion, but here I would like to bring to the notice the Greatest, Unnoticed devil i.e “The Bald Eagle”…..
    It has become the part of our mentality and line of thinking that Pakistan is to be blamed for all the terror attacks…
    I do not deny the fact that ISI and Pak Army had supported it in the past but then Pakistan is just the “Hardware” of terrorism…whereas the “Software” is CIA and FBI. And the Eagle has done it to supress the chances of India of becoming a Superpower
    Now Pakistan and for that matter US have started getting the doses of their own medicine
    Comming to China…
    Our North-Eastern Neighbour has always been like a “Duck”…Calm and Still on the outer but then vigourisly moving underwater.
    China has already entered the Bay of Bengal by crook. China is using the principle of “Enemy’s Enemy is a Friend” and building up naval and air bases in Sri Lanka..Army and Naval Bases is Pak..and also providing funds to the Naxals and other Communist…leaving a few.
    Its time to Stand up and spread the Awareness
    Awareness overcomes hatered

  16. A good post and I agree that China is a much greater threat to India than Pakistan. But to base the threat on simple economics belies the subtlety of the situation.

    Having seen both India and China, China’s economic development is astounding, but it is concentrated only in the coastal part of the country. The interior is dirt poor. While India’s development too is concentrated in the cities, the democracy that you disdainfully look at actually means that there is more opportunity for redistribution. The citizens of China do not get that opportunity. If they do not like government policies (and a lot of them do not), there is nothing they can do.

    Also, do not underestimate the amount of terrorism in China. It’s two biggest states (by area) Tibet and Xinjiang are hotbeds of restlessness, aptly suppressed by the Chinese government and occupy far more of China’s time than they would like to admit.

    While India should be vigilant of its northern neighbour (after all, China invaded India in the 1960’s), do not underestimate the strength of India with regards to its own diversity and democracy – two things that China sorely lacks! If China decided to go to war tomorrow, they would win the initial battle, but the ensuing war would be a much more closely run thing…

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