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Shashi Tharoor the present Minister Of State for Foreign Affairs in the Government Of India is a victim of international conspiracy and false propagation of news by the media and his political opponents. US and China are coming together for the same cause of Bringing down their Common Enemy Shashi Tharoor. The logic is ‘Enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Shashi Tharoor during the UN Under Secretary post, has won huge support, influence and contacts through out the world. So such a person of high influence, vision and caliber is always an asset to any Government especially in in Ministry  Of Foreign AffairsUS and China is afraid of a simple thing that is the things Tharoor can do in THE CONTINENT OF AFRICA. India and China are trying to find market and also influence the countries in African Continent while US is trying to defend their markets and influence in AFRICA. So US and China are aware of the fact that Tharoor can b the difference between them and India in the new world of Neo Colonialism. So getting Tharoor out of the scene and out of Indian ministry is a secret but Diplomatic Theory of China and US and its a part of this the new Conspiracy against Tharoor and to help them some Indian politicians and Media.

Tharoor’s works as UN Under secretary during the Boat Crises(1978) put him in the HIT LIST of China as the crises was caused by the Chinese supported Communist in Vietnam. His caliber and influence in the international arena was evidently seen during the 1996 Yugoslavian Peace Mission. His reputation grew so did his influence. His reputation and influence was evidently seen in his UN Secretary race. Tharoor came a close second (behind Ban Ki-moon) in each of the four straw polls conducted by the UN Security Council on 24 July, when he won 10 votes to Ban’s 12, though he handily won an online poll conducted by the BBC News website. This shows the reputation and influence he has in International arena. But he was prevented to the post by a Negative vote casted by US and China Abstained from voting.


US voted against Tharoor because they were afraid of his influence that can be used in UN for INDIA to get a permanent seat in Security Council. This will increase the India power and influence through out the world which the US dos’nt want. The China also was afraid of the same and they abstained from voting because of they did’nt want Tharoor or a South Korean to the post of UN secretary.

Why this conspiracy now??

When Mr Shashi Tharoor was given the ticket to contest from Thiruvanthapuram Lok Sabha Constituency by the congress high command, many Kerala Congress Leaders who dreamt about the seat began to campaign against him and started propagating bad propagandas against him. Even after this he won this he won the election using his charm, personality and good image he has among the people especially the youth. Soon he became the MOS for Foreign Affairs in the Government of India (In my personal opinion he should have been the Cabinet Minister for Foreign Affairs may be his lack of political  experience denied him that post or his opponents inside the party). Even after being a minster he did not stop socializing or forget his duties. He kept himself with in the reach of people through social media like Twitter and blogs. These all were not liked by many in his own party as the second line leaders in congress were afraid of his raise inside the party like Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh. The first chance for the rivals came when reports of Tharoor and his Boss Foreign Affairs Minister S M Krishna were staying in five star hotel. This did’nt work out as later it was told the minsters lived in luxury at their own expense. Then came the twitter controversy which is now blown out of proportion by rivals and media.


When some one ask “Will you eat a Dog” your answer will be “Yes I will eat a Dog” or else”No I wont eat a Dog”. this dos’nt mean you have any intention to do that. similar thing happened in twitter when he was asked a question referring to ‘cattle class’ he answered in the same manner. This was a good chance for his rivals to conspire against him as his sentence could be framed such that as to point to the common man for whom the congress stands for. The second line leadership of congress like Jayanthi Natarajan and Ashok Gehlot blown up the issue along with media(Tharoor came into bad books of media when he walked out of a program during his campaign to Lok Sabha).

Now coming to the international conspiracy. India and China are speaking of friendship and acting as rivals in the world arena. Both the nations are fighting for supremacy over African Countries. So China is well aware of the influence of Tharoor in Africa and they are really worried of him as MOS for foreign Affairs more over Tharror has already been in th e hit list of China. More over the Chinese are afraid of Tharoor’s influence in the UN and other nations can bring pressure on China in the border issues with India and there present intrusion to Indian territory. The US is also worried of the same. And thus Tharoor becomes a common enemy of US and China. Its very important for them to get rid of Tharoor from ministry. So they are funding the media and there contacts in India to go against Tharoor, else  a line in the Cyber World to which the Prime Minister asked to take it as  joke cant cost his chair for a person with charisma and influence like Shashi Tharoor.

As some one rightly said “Controversies on a person becomes as big as the person is”



  1. Nice article . . . Keep posting..

    • jyothish varghese
    • Posted September 20, 2009 at 6:21 am
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    Firstly i don’t really think a foriegn nation can fund the media in our country indirectly without it(the news) comin out. May be one or two dailies or channels but if done on a large scale it will be something no one will be able to keep under the veil. Secondly it is quite evident that tharoor is not in the good books of china and us( but i still dont understand why the communists still call him and agent of the white house). Yes it is indeed and issue which we should be aware of…china and us have started taking india as a growing powe which might in the near future itself stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these countries. I guess it is high time that we start diverting our attention from the development of the country at this crucial phase rather than making issues out of nowhere. Anyways nice work man. Keep going.

  2. @jyotish most o the national medias have there parent channels in US and other countries. so influencing that channel is not a big deal for that nation may be financially or any other means. am talking only about sme media and nt all

  3. I agree.
    You share my thoughts and views.

    About International conspiracy one or two national media may be involved!


    • richard johnson
    • Posted September 20, 2009 at 9:42 am
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    well…. normally i’m least interested in these political craps…. but wot u said makes some sense i guess.. keep goin… best of luck..

  4. The article is very informative. China and US for that matter all countries have their own vested interests and they will try all the way to get their goal. Let the goodness in shashi tharoor win.

  5. Tharoor is a statesman of great international repute.The twitter controversy is all just a fuss.He will be a shining representative of india in the international arena.I completely back ur sentiments…this is a good gesture to him as congrats bro!!!

  6. nice post KrishnaRaj … 🙂
    ur posts are of current affairs.. dats gud

  7. “,,,,So they are funding the media and there contacts in India to go against Tharoor,…”
    Author, you didnt give any proof of such conspiracy from their part!!

  8. Nice write up… Indian politicians cannot accept anyone with high IQ, caliber and internationally renowned figure like Shashi Tharoor. It is the problem with the system.

  9. @rubin
    am just a blogger not a journalist to back my points with solid proof.i am here to just bring out the logic of things going on and to do that i have referred some facts in my post. i am just bringing the facts y such a conspiracy is there. am my views are supported fully by facts mentioned in the post. u can refer net to see whether the facts i mentioned are true or not.

  10. yes, i am agree with this article, but how a responcible person living style just like a prince, at present Mr. Tharoor repersent as a MOs of third world country. So there is need to learn from this incident.

  11. The article makes sense. else how coulld an innocuous comment on a networking site create such a controversy !!!!! It would be laughable if it wasn’t so scary.

  12. Whoa, nice read. I just found your blog and am already a fan. 😀

  13. pranabji is an intellectual giant, PM is a great economist, chidambaram financial wizard, pawar powerfull politician, kapilji famus lawyer, atalji cream of forgh affairs….SHASHI THAROOR IS THE SUM TOTAL OF ALL….Moreover A GREAT WRITER……

  14. a b c OF INDIAN POLITICS….
    Avoid sense of humour
    B a hypocrat
    Create a Criminal background
    Devoid of quality Education
    ….. Itz all out of sheer jelousy….

  15. hmmm…sounds logical and not too far-fetched knowing to what lengths these govts will go to protect their interests in the global economy.

    Will these small incidents snowball into something catastrophic for our Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Shashi Tharoor ??

    Will this blogpost be a warning of something worse later ??

    I sincerely hope not !! 🙂

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