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I feel that a person who does his job properly and sincerely has no much value in the Indian political circle. This is what i feel about the recent Twitter issue with Shashi Tharoor. Tharoor is known to us a minister with principle who is transparent and always with in the reach of the people. Then why is he being crucified My view is that there is lots of rivals with in congress. this sudden out burst of controversy after controversy started after this years HUJ pilgrimage. This years HUJ pilgrimage was more transparent under Tharoor than the past years. HUJ pilgrimage is always in the shade of big corruption. This mafia which over rides the government norms for HUJ pilgrimage and corrupts the officials, has always the backing of Malabar based politicians. With Tharoor being the present MOS for foreign affairs and this years HUJ pilgrimage was directly under his observation there was a transparency and corruption was very less. this have made the HUJ mafia upset with Tharoor and with there political God Fathers and media they turned an other wise mild issue to to storm against Tharoor. This is evident from the fact that Tharoors office bearers are also being attacked for helping Tharoor to make his office transparent. Many in congress 2nd line leadership and in Kerala congress are afraid of Tharoor’s sudden raise in politics. His reach to people and popularity makes enemies for him with in the party. Else in this era of multi million scandals and charges of corruption and inefficiency against the minsters and politicians still nothing is happening to there position not even a question is being asked, still a sentence in net puts a Reputed clean minister under scanner and even question whether he should continue as a minster.


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