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Hi friends

I didn’t want my second article also to be about China but i couldn’t resist writing after seeing the news paper. There was Official declaration made by the Indian Army that Chines has painted the rocks in red and chines flags are seen more than 1.5 km inside Indian territory beyond the Line of control (LOC) in J&K in the AKSAI CHIN area.



Why i am so serious about this chines invasion is because India is not as much as we see in our maps. we have only 1/3 of the total area of J&K that is seen in our political maps and huge part of Arunachal Pradesh is under china. The border dispute between India and CHINA is as old as the creation of INDIA. McMohan line that is considered as the border between the two nations are not respected by CHINA. Don’t forget the fact that Sikkim has been recognized by China as an Indian territory just 8 years back and still there is Chines invasion in these areas.

INDIA the area under control

INDIA the area under control Black parts are disputed Indian territory under China and Pakistan

There has been and is at least a 100 cases of invasion of CHINESE PLA(People’s Liberation Army) through out the LOC through out the border with CHINA. There has been several reports in the national media of these invasions and there was also reports of huge infrastructure being built in CHINESE positions in ARUNACHAL PRADESH. It is well known to INDIA, Chinese plans of built road and bullet train tracks been constructed by Chinese to connect Beijing with its border with India so as to move troops with in 20 hrs. The CHINESE  secret nuclear based deep water submarine base in BAY OF BENGAL is no secret to INDIA. They are building tunnels under sea in Bay of Bengal.There has been serious talks about Chinese building huge infrastructure including bridges and military buildings in Chinese occupied Arunachal Pradesh. The talks led to the defense minster A K  ANTONY visiting the Arunachal Pradesh border and after which the defense minister expressed serious concerns about the Chinese movements.

Red spots indicate chinese bases

Red spots indicate chinese bases

The Chinese has military bases all around India in other words India is surrounded by Chinese. Chinese has bases in PAKISTAN, MALDIVES, SRI LANKA, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE, MYANMAR and HONG KONG.Chinese activities in INDIAN ocean has increased since last year. India and china are fighting to get bases and also to influence the AFRICAN countries which are a huge market for both the nations. Fight to get more influence in MALDIVES and SRI LANKA is in open. Chines are preparing to dominant INDIA military economical and politically. They have futuristic plans for this.

I have only one question are we prepared to face these challenges.  Chinese has almost thrice the military and ergonomic power than India. Do we have any plans to counter these threats. At least do we have a chance to withstand the challenge they put??

Why i ask this is because when Pakistan done the same sort of invasion we faught back that was the Kargil war but against China we are not even making many diplomatic steps even.

The big question is are we ready for this challenge?