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Rahul Gandhi, AICC Gen Secretary, Son of Late Rajiv Gandhi(ex PM of INDIA) and Sonia Gandhi (AICC President), A VVIP in India, a man in the hit list of all terrorist out fits in India traveling along with common man in Shadapti express from New Delhi to Amritsar is a great risk for his life and the common man traveling with him. This presence of Rahul created a huge crowd of party men, media and also other people who wants to have a glimpses of him. The extra security cover created inconvenience for the daily commuters in the busy rail stations of New Delhi. The security personnels had a tough time dealing with the crowd. The extra security need on such open places makes huge burden to the tax payers cash. Should these political stunts for popularity do any good for the ‘AAM ADMI ‘. If nt for popularity then for what else was it?? Rahul’s desire to travel by train?? like a small chilid’s wish?? or is it to study the plight of common man traveling in train like he did in UP where he stayed with dalit huts causing huge security concerns.


What ever may b the reason it is not the something worth the effort the reasons why its not are:

1. Security of VVIP (even with tight security the train was pelted by stones near Panipat, it could have been a bomb). An attack on Rahul could also have affected many co-passengers too.

2. The long open railway lines of INDIA are not safe.

3. Security measures could affect the daily commuters and other passengers.

4. The hug crowd of people to see him, the party workers and media could cause inconvenience, staple and security threats.

5. huge amount spent for security on such open visits by VVIPs.

I remember the old report about Mahatma Gandhi. He used to travel only by 2nd class which cause a huge hole in tax payers money and put security personels on heels